• Communicate.

    Don't miss out on 20% of your possible client base.

  • Collaborate.

    Cross the language bridge to reach new customers.

  • Comply.

    Comply with language needs within your industry.

  • Connect.

    Interpreting, translation & diversity services.

Connecting You With Your Diverse Clients & Communities

Metaphrasis is a professional language services company connecting your business with the diverse clients and communities you serve.

We provide a wide variety of translation and interpreting services including document translation, in-person interpreting, American Sign Language interpreting (ASL), interpreter training, cultural competency training and more.

As a provider of comprehensive language solutions for healthcare, government and private sector organizations, our emphasis on quality drives our success and sets us apart. Working with our team improves your:

Communication. The US Census Bureau reports 17% of the US population says they speak English 'not well' or 'not at all.' We help you communicate effectively to everyone.

Collaboration. We help companies cross the language bridge to reach new customers by collaborating and creating a plan to close the communication gap.

Compliance. Our services help you comply with language needs within your industry.

Connection. We connect you to patients, clients and customers via our on-site, telephonic & VRI interpreting, document translation, cultural diversity training, testing, & consulting services.

Our mission at Metaphrasis is to provide language and training solutions in this ever changing business environment. We integrate communication and collaboration to effectively connect with your audience.

Our team of experts is eager to serve you. Learn more about why you should work with Metaphrasis.