Metaphrasis is always looking to add passionate, reliable, and dynamic language professionals to enhance their stellar team. Are you a good fit for Metaphrasis? You ARE, if you:

Have experience interpreting and have a certificate of completion of 40 hour interpreter’s training course (all languages welcome)

Have experience translating written materials

Are professional, punctual and reliable

Are interested in having a career that really makes a difference

Is Metaphrasis a good fit for you? It IS, if you’re looking for:

Competitive wages

Flexible hours

Flexible locations

Opportunities for professional development

A company with a strong commitment to respect and diversity

Ready to start on the path toward a new and exciting career with Metaphrasis?

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Fax your proof of interpreter training to Metaphrasis at: 815-464-1747

Have any questions? Send an email to or call 815-464-1423.

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“At Metaphrasis I find the perfect combination of professionalism and empathy towards the various challenges that interpreters encounter. Metaphrasis accomplishes unnoticeably all the behind-the-scenes work so that I can focus on what I do best, interpret.”
Antonio Borjas, Interpreter

“Metaphrasis has been an outstanding company to work for. This staff is extremely helpful and reliable, always going the extra mile by means of customer. The experience I have acquired during the time I have worked with Metaphrasis is undoubtedly priceless.”
Lenny Barragan, Interpreter