Everybody Wins When You Choose to Go Local!

Today’s business partnerships are about efficiency, best value and bottom line. Many interpret that to mean the lower the price, the better the partnership. We are here to tell you, that’s not always the case! When faced with a buying decision in translation or interpreting, “going local” can mean better efficiency, value and better bottom line. Here’s why. There are far-reaching...

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Writing for Translation: An Editor’s Checklist

You spent hours crafting the “perfect” piece of content. You chose your keywords, did your research, struggled through the always tough first draft. Then you combed through your words so that the meaning and tone were “just right.” It seems like all you need to do is publish and your masterpiece will deploy to its intended audience. Right?...

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Planning Your Language Services Strategy for 2017

Language services shouldn’t be just another check box on your list of to-dos when planning for 2017. Taking the time to think through a language services strategy now will help you work smarter and be more cost effective in the year to come. When a seemingly mere translation slipup equals thousands of products pulled from the shelves, millions of dollars in lost revenue, wasted efforts and...

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