Does Your Company Speak Human?

Language and culture don’t have to divide us…Because there is a language that we all share: compassion, laughter, struggles, love, a need to belong.

Even when we don’t share an understanding of words, we can connect through customs, cuisine, and creativity. “Speaking human” allows us to reap the benefits of living in a diverse society. Experiencing other cultures through food and the arts enriches our lives. Exploring new perspectives and points of views brings us all closer together.

At Metaphrasis we are embarking on a campaign to shed light on the commonalities we all share in business and in life. We want to help everyone understand that through their communications, branding, and customer experiences, Everyone Deserves to Be Understood.

The United States is indeed an amalgam of various ethnicities and communities. Each with its own unique understanding of our society, but all of them united by the common idea of one nation, one people. This diversity is now reflected in workplaces across the country, and it is our responsibility, as leaders, to bring the mindfulness of culture into each work desk and boardroom.

What we do at Metaphrasis extends so far beyond words on a page or an interpreting encounter. Woven into the fabric of who we are is one thing: Everyone Deserves To be Understood. From experiences of language to culture, we feel a calling to provide that understanding for both our clients and their customers.

Through a language experience, customers’ eyes open to what you are trying to convey. Their experience at an event grows even richer, a medical interaction becomes clearer, a customer can shop a website they never have been able to before.

Our clients leave a lasting impression with their customers because through language, we are able to emphasize the things that we have in common, while gaining understanding from the things that make us different.

That’s what takes us, Metaphrasis and our client partners, beyond words to build the meaningful relationships and interactions that foster true understanding.


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