Today’s business partnerships are about efficiency, best value and bottom line. Many interpret that to mean the lower the price, the better the partnership. We are here to tell you, that’s not always the case! When faced with a buying decision in translation or interpreting, “going local” can mean better efficiency, value and better bottom line. Here’s why.

There are far-reaching advantages to deciding to go local. By supporting local businesses, you are supporting your local economy; significantly more money stays in a community when purchases are made at locally owned businesses. The U.S. Small Business Association and the U.S. Department of Labor report the positive impacts of independent business on local economies:

  • Local businesses are more likely to utilize other local businesses such as banks, service providers, and farms.
  • For every $100 you spend at local businesses, $68 will stay in the community.
  • Small businesses employ 77 million Americans and accounted for 65% of all new jobs over the past 17 years.

In addition to building the local economy, there may be notable intangible benefits that come from selecting a partner from your community. Local businesses are owned and operated by your neighbors!  They care about and are invested in the well-being of your community and its future. At Metaphrasis community involvement is one of our passions!

Beyond actual dollars being kept within your local community local businesses can deliver community character and economic advantages to the city they are positioned in, but also strengthen partnerships among neighbors, residents, other business owners, community leaders and even schools by offering social and economic relationships. There is a heartbeat and a culture to every city and region. Understanding local nuances, particularly in the language service industry, is key to greater success and communication.

Last, but definitely not least, the client experience is typically more personalized and hands-on from a local partner. Many times, working with a local partner means access to their CEO or other C-level executives that you wouldn’t ordinarily be in contact with at a national firm. Partners reap the benefit of senior-level insight and access. At Metaphrasis, our personal commitment to our clients shows through with our hands-on approach. We genuinely care for the job we do and take pride in the fact that our clients experience “our way of doing business”. What do we mean by that? We can provide faster service to our clients because we are local (which may lower cost and provide more reliable service). Our interpreters serve with compassion because they understand the community. We also foster strong relationships with our clients because we can offer nimble solutions, understand the demographics and trends of our local community.

While every business is different, what also makes customer care among local businesses more valuable is just that – being different.

So, the next time you are seeking a new business partner, or specifically, an interpreting or translation partner, remember that bigger isn’t always better. Seek out a local business partner and you could discover some great products and services while helping to build a strong and successful community around you. See what we have to offer Chicago-area businesses!