Metaphrasis Unveils New Brand Identity & Launches New Website

After more than a decade of experience working with hundreds of clients, we understand that effective language services require a dedicated and concerned effort to ensure that each person in the process is properly understood and represented. To achieve this level of understanding, it’s imperative that translating and interpreting happens within the context of culture.

At Metaphrasis, we provide the highest level of language services through two distinct strategies: by focusing on each client’s unique cultural framework and specific needs, and by streamlining the process for the agencies responsible for overseeing those services and interactions. The idea that most clearly represents our values and our approach to providing services is this: Everyone Deserves to Be Understood.

In an effort to convey these values more effectively, we are launching a new brand identity, reflected in a redesign of our logo and website.

“The launch of our new Metaphrasis brand identity kicks-off a new year, but not necessarily a new idea for us. When you break it down to its simplest form, our services are all about providing clarity of message with cultural sensitivity. It’s about taking the time to understand where each person is coming from and ensuring—through diligence, care, and concern—that each situation has the best possible outcome for everyone involved.” – Elizabeth Colón, President and CEO.

Our vibrant new visual identity elegantly and effectively communicates our comprehensive approach to the provision of language services. The custom design of overlapping shapes and textures draws influences from the many vibrant textiles specific to cultures around the world, and represents language and culture coming together in context. In contrast, our new logo is clean and simple, highlighting the clarity that we bring to our work. 

Above all else, we are a company with a mission to make people’s lives better by providing clarity and support, and by eliminating uncertainty and misunderstanding. Our new identity better represents who we are, while our website and logo communicate and articulate the things we’ve always cared about. We hope you like what we’ve done.