Client: Res Publica

Res Publica Group is a full-service strategic communications firm based in Chicago, Illinois. They provide marketing, communications, PR and crisis services to their clients, which include private and public corporations, government agencies, healthcare organizations, not-for-profits and advocacy organizations throughout the Midwest. In industries like healthcare where change is the new normal, meticulous attention to detail is required when navigating highly sensitive communications challenges.


Work with Res Publica has now resulted in Metaphrasis becoming a go-to language services partner for many client pitches.

Challenge: Translation Integration

As Res Publica work continued in the healthcare market, they needed to identify a partner who had expertise in language services, healthcare and experience with the culturally diverse Cook County market. Knowing that quality and quick turnarounds would be required for their foreign language translations, Res Publica joined forces with Metaphrasis.

“We had been working with other translation companies before Metaphrasis and it had been challenging. Knowing our client needs and the diversity of Cook County, we had to present a strong solution in our strategy. We sought out Metaphrasis as a partner because we knew we would get high quality translations.” Margo O’Hara, Vice President, Res Publica Group

Outcomes: Working Through Communication Issues

On the first marketing initiative, Res Publica found their client, a healthcare system, had some personal preferences around the translations provided. Res Publica came to Metaphrasis with their concerns and asked for assistance.

“I was so impressed with the ‘what can we do to fix this’ attitude. As a team, we met this head on and found a solution.”

Metaphrasis quickly went to work developing a solution for the client. Direct communication through phone interviews, developing an ongoing system and a translation glossary were among the solutions implemented. The client was quickly put at ease and happily began to discuss future projects.

The dynamic partnership and combined expertise was a win for both organizations. Metaphrasis has proven that strategically partnering with an organization who has common values and goals results in everyone being understood.


“The same way that you would have a strong writer on a team, you need that same thing with taking a message and putting into a language that people know. Marketing people translate messages into English. Metaphrasis creates messages into the languages people speak.”