Client: Total Event Resources

Total Event Resources is an award-winning event planning company, that helps organizations around the world, make waves through live experiences. Whether it’s planning a Special Event, Meeting, Conference, Experiential Engagement, Entertainment Production or handling Destination Management – the company approaches every project with the same intent in mind…to understand the client’s goals.


This event alone is expected to close nearly $47 million in new business for the client.

Challenge: Message Clarity

Total Event Resources strives to provide a one stop shop to their clients when planning a meeting or event. They also want to ensure that everyone attending their meeting/event understands clearly what is happening and what is being discussed. When searching for a new language vendor they wanted one that had potential to be a partner, would be flexible and could adapt to changes on the fly. Additionally, the criteria that had to be met, included first and foremost, quality of service. A close second, was the ease of the working relationship and then cost.

Outcomes: Customized, quality services on the fly

The first time working with Metaphrasis was on an event with a very dynamic situation. The client, which sponsored the Columbian Business Exposition came to us at the last minute, with quite a few interpreting needs which included: bus tours, vendor and customer meetings, simultaneous interpreting during presentations and interpreting equipment.

Metaphrasis provided 37 qualified interpreters to sit with vendors and potential customers and interpret conversations. Interpreters also joined the attendees for bus tours around the city and provided interpreting services during presentations.

This was a new client for Total Event Resources and the Metaphrasis team helped us be successful. Representatives from Metaphrasis’ project management team were on-site to address any changes that came up. According to Total Event Resources, the success of this event rendered new business opportunities at the exposition as well as a great overall experience.


“This was a new client for Total Event Resources and the Metaphrasis team helped us be successful.” 

Colette Givens, Program Manager, Total Event Resources