Translation’s Role in Global B2B Marketing

B2B marketing strategies are continually shifting as companies work to expand into markets outside their borders. Additionally, B2B transactions are typically larger and the sales cycle longer than direct to consumer. With significant time investment on the sales side, every possible efficiency should be taken and every advantage utilized. One way to do that is through a holistic approach to translation, taking into account not only the translation itself, but how the marketing messages will be received in different cultures. Below are three reasons translation is key to any international B2B marketing campaign.

  1. Frictionless Purchase

B2B brands may sell to companies rather than consumers, but purchase decisions are still made by people. According to Common Sense Advisory, 75 percent of non-native English speakers surveyed said they prefer to buy products in their native language, while 60 percent said they “rarely or never purchase from English-only sites.” Even with English as an accepted business language globally, this study shows the influence native brand experiences can have on purchase decisions. This demonstrates that people generally prefer a frictionless buying experience.

  1. Boost Competitive Edge

Although skipping translation may save you money today, not doing so can cost you in the long run, especially if your competition is translating. B2B companies are finding that not only does translation improve comfort level for purchasers, but it also proves you’re willing to go above and beyond to tailor your business to their community. Capturing any competitive edge when working with a potential customer is key in B2B marketing.

  1. Getting It Culturally Accurate

Transcreation and translation are not the same thing, and understanding this difference is very important to a successful global B2B marketing campaign. Although business translation is a major component of making global companies comfortable with your brand, transcreation goes beyond just simple translation. Understanding the behaviors, values, and nuances of a particular culture and relaying this in the meaning of a marketing message is all part of this process. Even images, color selections, and payment options can make a tremendous difference to how international clients perceive your products and services.

B2B global marketing success happens when companies make products and services relatable to buyers without losing the essence of a brand voice. With the proper language services partner, translation can help make buyers more comfortable with your brand, give you a leg up against your competitors, and ultimately build a strong reputation in a new market.