Human Resources Documents

3 Human Resources Documents That Should Be Translated

You have a global business and team members who speak different languages. Have you thought about making your human resources documents accessible and translated for your employees?

Human resources departments are in charge of keeping team members educated on benefits and policies, as well as satisfied and productive. With the business world so multilingual, it’s impossible to expect all employees to be native English speakers or speak English fluently.

The best way to ensure teams are aligned and understand company policies is to have as many human resources documents as possible translated accurately in the native languages of your team. Here are the top three categories that should be high priority for document translation.


Employee Manuals and Training Information

All employees should have an understanding of their role in the company or organization. Employee manuals that review human resources policies such as sick time off, vacation, and other nuances about the business are of highest importance. Manuals for specific positions need to be translated into the native language of each team member so they can perform their job as required, including training manuals for specific positions.


Workplace Safety Documents

Safety is key, but your team members won’t truly know your organizations safety procedures if they can’t fully understand the requirements. Once a new team member understands their role, they need to know how to stay safe while they work. Knowing company safety information will keep themselves and others safe at work, which is important to your company’s bottom line. No one wants employees getting injured on the job – the more your team members know about safety regulations, the better they will be able to prevent injuries to themselves and others while on the job.


Health Insurance Information

Finally, have your health insurance information documents translated. Having material like basic health insurance information translated will allow team members to have insurance policies on hand so they are able to make healthcare decisions.

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