Subtitles for Training Videos

4 Ways Subtitles Make Training Videos More Effective

Training videos are valuable opportunities to welcome new hires — including bilingual employees — into your organization and make them feel comfortable in their new work environment.

If your new hires can’t understand the message behind your training video, however, then you have the makings of a very confused workforce.

There is an easy way to solve this! The addition of translated subtitles to your training videos to communicate with your bilingual employees will go a long way toward developing a confident and competent workforce.

Subtitles for training videos will:

1) Send the Right Message

Training videos often serve as an introduction to your company to new employees, so it’s important to make the right impression. Subtitles can help clarify the critical points in your training video that may not be immediately clear to bilingual hires.

Technical details regarding safety hazards or emergency procedures, for example, could easily become confusing to someone not familiar with such specific terminology in another language. Accurate subtitles help ensure that such details will be communicated to the entire audience of your training video.

2) Keep Your Message Consistent

When attempting to communicate with new employees at multiple locations across the country or even around the world, it’s important to maintain a single message to get all new hires on the same page.

Translated subtitles for a company-wide training video allow you to create the single message that’s most effective for your company. By adding subtitles, you can extend the reach of your video without having to alter or compromise what you want to communicate to your employees.

3) Use Cultural, Effective Language

Effective training videos should use language that’s familiar and immediately understood within the context of the workplace. Words often have different meanings in other languages and cultures, making bilingual training that much harder.

4) Help Improve Productivity and Efficiency

When new employees are well-trained at the start of their job, they are more likely to feel confident in their work.

Subtitles for your training videos help make sure everyone knows and understands their new roles within your company. This helps new workers become better equipped to handle their work. Possession of greater knowledge and confidence should allow new workers to perform their duties right away without constantly having to question what they are supposed to be doing.

Ensure your bilingual employees understand your message and feel welcome in your company by adding professionally translated subtitles to your training videos. Let’s Get In Touch!