Because we believe true partnerships is what leads to success for all.

We pride ourselves on providing professional, quality language services, but above all we value the partnerships we make with our clients around translation and interpreting experiences. We seek to partner with organizations who believe what we believe – that Everyone Deserves to Be Understood.

As a child of parents who do not speak English and a sister of two deaf siblings, I have firsthand experience with the struggles faced by those negotiating a new country and culture without being proficient in the language or unable to understand. Getting pulled out of school to interpret for my parent’s appointments or unable to communicate with my sisters who were just across the kitchen table, was a very difficult scenario for my family, and as a young child hard to endure.  To help others with similar issues, I founded Metaphrasis in 2007 with the dream of providing the best translation and interpretation services possible. At Metaphrasis we take the time to get to the heart of the issue, using our extensive experience to effectively assess each situation so, that we can fully understand where each person is coming from. – Elizabeth Colón, President

Committing to a partnership is not something we take lightly. When you entrust your interpreting and translation business to us, we in return, offer an uncompromising commitment to reliability, professionalism, understanding, integrity and value.

Our partnerships go beyond the interpreting encounter or document translation. We understand that our partner’s success is our success. We believe partnership does really mean we have a shared responsibility to delivering the most professional language access that lives up to the Metaphrasis promise – Everyone Deserves to Be Understood.


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