Creative Partnerships Result In Patient Benefit: Norwegian American Hospital & Metaphrasis Interpreter Program

Professional language services company, Metaphrasis Language & Cultural Solutions, and Norwegian American Hospital have recently collaborated to create a unique solution that benefits both entities as well as the community. In the medical world, language barriers can create problems for both patients and providers. For patients, language and communication influences how…

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When Communication At Events Is Vital: Q&A With An Event Planner

We are a global, 24/7 business world. Companies often have multinational locations, staff and operate across borders via the internet. Although English is the most common language in the business world, it is still much more productive to bridge any language gaps between English speakers and those that prefer to be spoken to in their native language. In the world of conferences and meeting…

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Big Box Retail Store

The client, a big box retail store, had been struggling to capture the Hispanic market share and looked to Metaphrasis for a better understanding of the impact cultural sensitivities had upon their Hispanic consumer. Metaphrasis was qualified to address this issue because it was one of only 15 nationally awarded recipients of a cultural competency scholarship to train in the field. To address the…

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