Empowering Your Patients & Staff

Medical information can often contain a myriad of complex terminology, ensuring this is accurately conveyed in translation is vital. There are few other disciplines that can have such a significant bearing on human life.

When we take a closer look at doctor-patient outcomes when a language barrier is present, studies indicate patients with limited English proficiency receive less preventative care, are less likely to adhere to medication regimens, and are more likely to leave the hospital against medical advice.

The good news is, with some professional resources for on-demand medical interpreting or even video remote interpreting (VRI), patient outcomes can be vastly improved.

Because of the importance of medical history and details, emotions, and diversity of care options, we understand your challenges and are here to serve your medical interpreting and translation needs.

Understanding Regulations

All healthcare providers should understand the regulations and legal obligations they have to patients.

How We Can Help

We are experts in medical interpreting. All interpreters at Metaphrasis have completed medical interpreter training, which includes the importance of following the standards of practice, what role to play in patient care, and the importance of HIPAA and confidentiality.

A complete grasp of culture and context. Metaphrasis interpreters are skilled at interpreting not only words, but the meaning behind the words. We understand your need for reliability, accuracy, and efficiency in every patient encounter.

Years of healthcare industry experience. We have been providing professional medical interpreting for well over fifteen years. We are aware of the details of Federal regulations such as TITLE VI and the American Disabilities Act (ADA), the standards of the Joint Commission, and the diverse communities you serve.

Cost-conscious and service minded. Our team understands that you work within particular constraints and challenges—and we are happy to find cost-effective solutions that work best for you and those you serve.

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