There are few industries as lively and diverse as the corporate sector. At Metaphrasis, we want to help you add value to your business, impress your clients, and outperform your competitors with top-of-the-line translation and interpretation services for all your business transactions. Sometimes closing a deal, generating more revenue, or bringing on that new client you’ve been scouting is as simple as connecting with people in a way they understand. By speaking their language, you can show your clients and prospects that your business cares.

Corporate Branding & Marketing

It’s not easy to find the perfect brand for your business, but once you do, it’s something you need to hold on to. As your business expands into global markets, you will want to keep your brand consistent and there’s no better way to achieve this than professional translation services. Metaphrasis will convey your brand’s personality, making your message consistent and culturally relevant to your target audience.

Human Resources Trainings & Document Translation

Our clients love to work with us on HR training support and document translations! Keeping your employees happy, safe, and well-informed is no easy task, but Metaphrasis is here to help! We specialize in providing interpretation services for Limited English Proficiency staff during HR trainings and orientations. We also translate HR documents, which are crucial in making sure your employees understand your business and its policies and culture. Increase retention and employee satisfaction by engaging in a language your employees can understand.

We provide Consecutive and Simultaneous interpretation services across all listed business sectors. If you would like to learn more about our corporate translation and interpretation offerings, let’s get in touch.

Legal Services

Minor lexical errors and miscommunications can have major consequences when dealing with legal matters. This is why we take legal interpretation services very seriously at Metaphrasis. Our team of professional linguists have the background and experience to make sure your litigations, depositions, and other legal procedures run smoothly, without important details getting lost in translation.

Complicated legal terminology can stump an interpreter if they are not specialized to provide service in the legal sector. Our seasoned linguists have the terminology to guide you and your clients through difficult legal discussions in areas such as: Immigration Interviews, Real Estate, Depositions, Settlement Meetings, Living Trust, Financial Forms…and many more!

Legal Document Translation

Metaphrasis is proud to provide legal translation services for individual attorneys and law firms worldwide. It is highly important to maintain the clarity and intention of the original text when translating legal materials. Our professional translation services will help you eliminate the types of misunderstandings that create liability risks for your company. Contracts, affidavits, subpoenas, and court documents are just a few of the many types of legal documents we work with. And to ensure your documents are top notch, we can provide certifications of accuracy for each translation.

We provide Consecutive and Simultaneous interpretation services across all legal sectors. If you would like to learn more about our legal translation and interpretation offerings, let’s get in touch.

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