HR Challenges with Globalization

HR Challenges with Globalization

Professionals in the HR industry face numerous challenges on a daily basis. Not only are they responsible for hiring candidates, but they also have to consider qualifications, experience, references, and what an applicant can bring to the table. Globalization and a language diverse workforces have increased the demands around HR practices. As the global economy continues to shift, firms must adjust to the future workforce and the changing nature of work itself.


Translation for Globalization

One of the biggest challenges in this area is in translation. Company leaders and human resources professionals must tackle language, localization, diversity and culture in the workplace.

As globalization brings employees together from different countries around the world, the need for translators for proper communication has never been so great. For those companies trying to create a global culture, they must focus their attention on localization and building rapport within their employee communities. Then, add in the nuances of culture and diversity, globalization can quickly become a daunting task.


Google Translate Not an Option for Globalization

As we’ve mentioned before, Google Translate is really not a viable option for business translation needs. While Google Translate has made some improvements and strides in its effectiveness, it is really a tool for getting a quick idea of the topic or general flow of conversation for a quick translation on the fly. Beyond that, we do not recommend using it – especially not in sensitive business situations.


Communicating with Your Global Team

Communication is key in keeping teams informed, motivated, and creating a sense of belonging through a shared mission. Be sure to define your goals and mission so that your team is on the same page no matter where they are located, and tailor all messaging with respect to cultural differences.


Globalization Services for Your Company

At Metaphrasis, we know all about globalization and our understanding of languages, cultures, business practice, specialized requirements and more make us an ideal service provider. Our translators come from around the globe and are trained in both language and specialization. Metaphrasis is here to help you improve your strategic relationships within your business and support the mission of your company.

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