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Human Resources Must Prepare for Increasingly Diverse Workforce

As the U.S. workforce continues to age and Baby Boomers retire in large numbers, shortages are expected across numerous industries. According to a Pew report, immigrants and their U.S.-born children will play a key role in filling the needs of the workplace throughout these sectors.  This means that setting up your human resources operations to properly train and support employees with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) is more important than ever.

Interpretation for Training and Orientation

Clear and concise communication is necessary is every work environment. When training a diverse workplace population with language barriers, however, it’s not only critical for success- it’s the law.

Speaking in an employee’s native language ensures messages are relayed correctly. Not only does this protect both the employee and company from liability issues, but it also fosters a sense of inclusion for the employee. As noted before, this is important for increased retention and employee satisfaction.

Professional interpreters, who are both proficient in the language needed and have a strong understanding of workplace culture and dynamics, are critical components to any HR office. Metaphrasis specializes in providing interpretation services for Limited English Proficiency staff during HR trainings and orientations, and we are available when you need us. In fact, our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Translation for Documents

With the business world so multilingual, it’s up to human resources departments to ensure employees are well-educated on policies, procedures, benefits, regulations, expectations and more. When human resources documents and materials are professionally translated in an employee’s native language, not only are misunderstandings basically eliminated, but team members are made to feel included and accepted into the workplace community.

There is little room for error when it comes to understanding important documents and manuals, and proper translation is key. Employee manuals and training documents, workplace safety information, and health insurance information are the top three categories that should be high priority for document translation.

 Quality Communication Across All Business Sectors

Metaphrasis carefully selects language professionals based on their qualifications and expertise to ensure that your interactions are being interpreted by someone who understands the terminology specific to your industry or situation. We provide consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services across all listed business sectors.

We are experienced and have real life success stories to demonstrate how our services can benefit you:

Metaphrasis can get your human resources office in compliance and help you better serve your team members.  Let’s get started today


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