Latina talks

Metaphrasis CEO to Speak at LATINATalks

Metaphrasis CEO, Elizabeth Colón, will be a featured speaker at “LATINATalks” on April 25th at North Central College. This event is held in conjunction with “Today’s Inspired Latina“, an award winning book series that features inspiring success stories from Latina community leaders.


Elizabeth Colón – Creating a Human Connection in this Digital Age


Elizabeth will be sharing her experience of growing up in a home where her parents did not speak English and her sisters were from the deaf community.  Language played a key role on how they connected with the outside world.  Today, working in the language service industry  and connecting with people one and one, she has seen changes that have shifted with the speed and use of  technology.   However, as Elizabeth will discuss, there is still a human need to be seen, heard and understood.


This event is free and is expected to sell out. Tickets can be reserved online here.


Elizabeth Colón is an author, inspirational speaker, and the CEO of Metaphrasis. Elizabeth founded the company in 2007 after she recognized a pressing need for accurate and effective translation and interpreting services.  Language companies are the key to ensuring that a human connection is created and Metaphrasis makes sure that we can all be seen, heard, and understood.