Metaphrasis Language & Cultural Solutions Announces Expansion of Services to Offer American Sign Language Interpreting

Chicago Healthcare Facilities Now Have Access to Certified ASL Interpreters for Medical Encounters

February 22, 2012- Chicago, IL – Metaphrasis Language and Cultural Solutions (Metaphrasis), a leading Chicago-based language services company, today announced the official expansion of its interpreting services to include American Sign Language (ASL).

ASL interpreting is a service which involves a trained professional using ASL to interpret spoken English into ASL for the client with a hearing impairment and then relaying what is said in spoken English in return. This method ensures that all parties are able to communicate clearly and effectively, particularly in the medical environment.

“We hope that by providing ASL interpreting service to our clients we can fulfill the interpreting needs of the Deaf community across the Chicago-land area.” says Rosemary Wooley, Director of Business Development for Metaphrasis. “Our ASL interpreters are highly qualified and experienced in the field of medical interpreting.  They are nationally certified and licensed with the State of Illinois to ensure quality-interpreting services to meet your needs. Metaphrasis is dedicated to providing superior service to all of our customers, deaf and hearing clients, as well as our interpreters.”

Hospitals and healthcare facilities in the Chicago area are required to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) which provides equal access to individuals with disabilities. Below are some helpful links to better understand the obligations under the Act.

•  The U.S. Department of Justice online offers information about how the ADA impacts communication with the Deaf and hard of hearing in medical settings.

•  The American Medical Association further explores compliance with the ADA in medical settings.

•  Learn about the importance of understanding the ADA, “Your Right to a Qualified Sign Language Interpreter During the Receipt of Medical Services” as well as the value of sign language interpreters for Deaf and hearing impaired individuals at this webpage.

Wooley continues, “The addition of ASL interpreting services is the first of several major offerings we plan to add in 2012.  Metaphrasis has carefully planned to roll out strategic service lines to our client base as we see demand increasing. With new additions to our interpreting team we continue to grow our capabilities and provide an all-encompassing solution for our clients.”
For more information about Metaphrasis, please visit or call 815-464-1423.

About Metaphrasis

Metaphrasis is a full-service language company connecting businesses with their diverse clients and community. Language services include onsite interpreting, ASL interpreting, telephonic interpreting, document translation, medical interpreter training, cultural diversity training, testing, and consulting.   Providing language services is just one way businesses can show their dedication to their clients, employees, and community.  Based on a recent company survey, Metaphrasis was rated superior in the areas of professionalism, client service, expertise in their field and trustworthiness in medical interpreting.  The company is headquartered in Frankfort, Illinois and may be reached at 815-464-1423 or online at  Follow Metaphrasis on Twitter @Metaphrasislcs or Facebook at