Metaphrasis websiteAt Metaphrasis, we provide the highest level of language services. The idea that most clearly represents our values and our approach to providing services is this: Everyone Deserves to Be Understood. Above all else, we are a company with a mission to make people’s lives better by providing clarity and support, and by eliminating uncertainty and misunderstanding. We are excited to launch our newly upgraded website to help those in need quickly and easily connect with the services they require.

 Our Services

 We understand that helping your customers be heard and understood isn’t just about interpreting words, but the meaning and context behind them. That’s why our interpreters and translators are trained with a focus on accuracy and cultural sensitivity. Visit our website to explore the various services that we offer, with detailed descriptions:

  • Interpretation: Interpreters work with the spoken language. Rather than focusing on a literal word–for–word translation, the focus is on the meaning behind the information being conveyed. We offer a wide range of interpretation services that can be utilized in person or virtually, to help ensure that your customers and clients get the communication support they need in any situation. Our interpretation services include:

o   On-site interpretation

o   Video Remote Interpretation

o   Telephone Interpretation Services

o   American Sign Language Services

o   Temporary Bilingual Staffing

  • Translations: Translators work with written text. Often, they focus on a word-for-word translation while also taking into account the nuances and differences that can vary across cultures and countries. Our translation services will provide you with access to a nationwide network of language professionals, including those certified by the American Translators Association (ATA). Metaphrasis translation services include:

o   Document Translation

o   Braille Transcription Services

o   Transcription Services

o   Voice Over Services

  • Training: Interested in becoming an interpreter? Our highly respected training programs provide candidates with the tools to, not only relay vital information, but introduce care, compassion, and precision to the interpretation process. We also offer Language Proficiency Testing for your employees and associates.

 Industries We Serve

 No matter the industry, language should never be a barrier to being understood. We have access to a nationwide pool of translators and interpreters to handle your needs in a variety of industries. Our team members have a broad range of experience across industry sectors including healthcare, legal service, corporate, education, government and marketing. Some of the top industries we serve include:

Frequently Asked Questions

Metaphrasis offers award–winning interpreting and translation services that focus on creating true human connection for the people who need it most. We are proud to announce that our upgraded web design now makes it easier for those connections to be made. From clarity about services to client testimonials, you’ll find that our new site provides you with the detailed information you need to get started. In addition, our FAQ section addresses many questions that may arise as you decide what exact services you may need for your project.

And please, don’t hesitate to reach out if you don’t get the answer to your question. We are here to help and we’d love to chat! Contact us to get started today.


“When you break it down to its simplest form, our services are all about providing clarity of message with cultural sensitivity. It’s about taking the time to understand where each person is coming from and ensuring—through diligence, care, and concern—that each situation has the best possible outcome for everyone involved.” – Elizabeth Colón, President and CEO.