Interpretation Services

On-site Interpretation

It’s not enough for an interpreter just to be proficient in the respective language. We carefully select language professionals based on their qualifications and expertise to ensure that your face-to-face interactions are being interpreted by someone who understands the terminology specific to your industry or situation.

Video Remote Interpretation

Video remote interpreting (VRI) empowers you to provide outstanding service and exceptional care, to the Limited English Proficient and the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing. VRI provides a one-touch access to trained professional video interpreters on your MAC/PC, tablet or smartphone, while facilitating full understanding through spoken and visual communication.

Telephone Interpretation Services

Interpreting needs don’t always involve people in the same room and aren’t always easy to schedule in advance. We provide on-demand telephonic interpreting services so that you can have an interpreter serving your needs, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

American Sign Language Services

Individuals who are hearing impaired face particular challenges. We make sure that our professionally trained ASL interpreters understand those challenges, and are in the best possible position to facilitate effective communication.

Temporary Bilingual Staffing

Are you in need of short-term language support staff? Metaphrasis is here to help with your temporary staffing needs! Our linguists are qualified working professionals ready to help your organization on projects of all sizes. Once you provide us with the language and range for your project, we will find an interpreter who is a perfect match for your organization based on their specialization, skills, and experience. Our languages include, Spanish, Arabic, Polish, Mandarin, and many more.

Our interpreters will improve communication throughout your company. Call us at 815-464-1423 to find out how you can receive the temporary interpreting services you need for your organization to thrive!

Just a few examples of the many ways our interpreters and translation experts can help your company:

You have a series of Human Resources trainings with one or more LEP employees

You are hosting international guests for a conference

You have an LEP patient with a long series of appointments

You are a lawyer working on a legal case with a client over an extended period

You are a school administrator or teacher and have multiple IEP meetings or parent-teacher conferences

PLUS, so many more industries with short-term needs!

Translation Services

Braille Transcription Services

There are a lot of nuances to braille—different coding systems and conventions. We follow a process that meets or exceeds all of the standards set forth by the Braille Authority of North American (BANA), and pay close attention to the accurate transcription of audio, layout and production, and large print format documents into braille.

Transcription Services

Accurately transcribing spoken words to written text requires careful, critical listening and particular attention to nuance and syntax. We use expert transcriptionists and leading edge technology to provide live or post-production transcription services for meetings, conferences, video, interviews, conference calls, or anywhere else an accurate written record is required.

Document Translation

The problem with many apps and websites is that they don’t go beyond providing literal word for word translations. When partnering with us, you will have access to a nationwide network of language professionals, including professionals certified by the American Translators Association (ATA), who understand how important it is to convey exactly the right meaning. For each translation project one translator performs a meaning-for-meaning translation of the text and a second checks the translated text for quality, integrity, and accuracy.

We can even translate content created using Desktop Publishing (DTP) software such as InDesign and Adobe Illustrator.  With our top of the line software, we can translate marketing materials, newsletters, eBooks, and brochures to promote your business, while staying true to the original meaning and intent of your message.   Let Metaphrasis make your job easier - we have exceptional experience working with the healthcare industry, the legal industry, the government sector, the school systems, & many more.

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Voice Over Services

Vocal performance ability is critical to an effective voice-over. We have a team of experienced foreign language voice-over artists ready to perform for television, radio, audiobook, multimedia presentation, or wherever else they might be needed.


Language Proficiency Testing

It can be convenient to have associates, employees, or affiliates who can provide for your language service needs, but you need to be sure that those needs are being delivered effectively. We have administered hundreds of language assessments for companies, including both verbal and written proficiency exams, and will work with you to determine the testing solution that best meets your needs.

Interpreter Training

Why train with Metaphrasis? Interpreting is more than just translating spoken words from one language to another; it involves conveying messages, cultural nuances, and promoting understanding between people from different backgrounds.

Our interactive, energetic training is a fun and informative way to learn skills around becoming a professional medical interpreter.