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“This was a new client for Total Event Resources and the Metaphrasis team helped us be successful.”

Colette Givens, Program Manager, Total Event Resources

How It Helped

Working together, Metaphrasis helped work through a very dynamic event. This event alone was expected to close nearly $47 million in new business for the client.

“We’ve gotten a lot of feedback that access to qualified medical interpreters is making a difference in the quality of care we’re providing.”

Aimee Kross, Volunteer Services Coordinator, Norwegian American Hospital

How It Helped

With the success of the volunteer program firmly in place and success clearly measured, Norwegian American Hospital formally made Metaphrasis a vendor partner to the hospital for onsite foreign language interpretation needs.

“Knowing our client needs and the diversity of Cook County, we sought out Metaphrasis because we knew we would get high quality translations.”

Margo O’Hara, Vice President, Res Publica Group

How It Helped

Direct communication through phone interviews, developing an ongoing system and a translation glossary were among the solutions implemented. The client was quickly put at ease and happily began to discuss future projects.

“Metaphrasis provides us with a superb service from beginning to end. The style and accuracy with which they translate is superior and all deliverables have met our turnaround expectations.”

Nancy Clarke, Marketing Manager, Norweigan American Hospital

How It Helped

Norwegian American Hospital needed an extremely professional and responsive interpreting partner where style and accuracy was superior. Additionally, scheduling and flexibility from the customer support team was a high priority.

“The Metaphrasis staff members are experts in their field, deliver services on time, and are very flexible to work with.”

Janice Lopez, Managing Director, Women’s Business Development Center

How It Helped

Women’s Business Development Center enlisted the help of Metaphrasis to not simply translate but create culturally accurate messages for their audience. Metaphrasis has now partnered with the Women’s Business Development Center on multiple projects for the organization and has exceeded expectations.

“You should know that you have an amazing reputation among interpreters, and I thank you for your wonderful management!”

Rana Hamwi, Interpreter

How It Helped

A good reputation with our interpreting staff means we are able to attract and retain the best talent. Our clients reap the benefits with our ability to provide the best interpreters and translators.

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